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130PPM Colloidal Silver (1 Gallon). Certified Lab Tested, 100% Pure & Natural. Nothing Added.

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Product Description

130ppm (minimum) concentrated Pure Colloidal Silver. Certified Laboratory Analysis – SEE listing pictures for the report. If a seller has no laboratory proof, how do they even know what they are selling?. No worthless ingredients added to artificially inflate ppm level. 100% pure and natural nano silver atoms suspended in pure water. 13x stronger than 10 ppm colloidal silver. ZERO contaminants. No added secret ingredients to artificially inflate ppm level like many others do. 100% pure and natural nano silver atoms suspended in pure water. Packaged in BPA-free Chemical Resistant plastic bottle. This is the most potent and concentrated REAL and PURE colloidal silver you can buy – with certified and registered laboratory analysis to prove it.

Trinity NutraLab Colloidal Silver

Lab Analysis

Documented by FDA registered, DEA licensed, GMP Compliant Laboratory at 130ppm.

Real pure colloidal silver is clear and does not have any color tint.

trinity nutralab colloidal silver

trinity nutralab colloidal silver

trinity nutralab colloidal silver

BROWN, TAN, or GRAY is from non-silver substances they are adding to register on a PPM meter. This is particularly true for the fraudulent “Protein Silver”mislabeled as colloidal silver. The color usually comes from the “protein” they are adding to register on ppm meters and they can make it appear to be as much as from 250 ppm to 10,000 ppm. It is not silver that is registering. The protein can be anything. Most often they use gelatin or glycerine, both a clear liquid added to water. Tan or brown also can come from other substances they are using to register on inexpensive meter.

If any colors are present the product is not colloidal silver.

YELLOW OR GREEN tint to the water means they used silver recycled from sterling silver. Silver is too soft to use for making usable solid objects, so other metals are added to harden it. Most often this is copper and copper sulfide.

Copper in natural form is green. Copper sulfide has sulfur in it, which is yellow. So the reason someone’s colloidal silver has a yellow or green tint is because they are using silver reclaimed from sterling silver to save the cost of their silver. Usually this is because the home-made seller is using discount silver wire sold as 99.99% pure, but this is from home-based sterling silver processing and it is not 99.99% silver wire, but recycled sterling silver. Very harmful chemicals are used to recycle sterling silver. Such recycled silver is cheap compared to true pure silver which is why they use it.

True colloidal silver is clear, but if very concentrated may seem a bit shiny in bright light. A laser shined though it will appear brightly by reflection off of the silver. What color is highly polished silver? It doesn’t have a color, it is reflective. This the same with true usable colloidal silver. The particles of silver suspended in the water are vastly too small to see. It may only slightly reflect light. Common sense tells you true colloidal silver (with no contaminates) will be clear with no color. Colloidal silver having a color tint indicates either it was homemade with recycled Sterling silver or otherwise is contaminated with other substances to falsely inflate ppm measuring.

Important information

Safety Information

This product does not diagnose, prevent, treat or cure covid-19 or any other pathogen such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, yeast, protozoa, or microbes.


.999 Pure Silver, Pharmaceutical Grade Water

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Additional information

Item Weight

2 Pounds

Date First Available

‎ November 2, 2019


‎ B07N8HNPC2


‎ Trinity NutraLab

10 reviews for 130PPM Colloidal Silver (1 Gallon). Certified Lab Tested, 100% Pure & Natural. Nothing Added.

  1. Barbielee

    If one expected colloidal silver to “cure” the many problems of whatever is wrong with our body. This is probably the slowest cure one never tried, think glacial slow. No doubt also one will forget the reason one is drinking it long after remembering why we started. Takes special equipment to know the ppm suspended silver, and I do not have. I trust it was as advertised.There is no taste, thus it’s strictly water as far as taste goes.

  2. PublicProfileName

    I have no complaints so far regarding the colloidal silver product itself. My concern is with the accompanying glass bottle, or more specifically, with the dropper it contained. The small bottle itself has no visible damage, and the dropper was shipped inside the bottle, screwed in place, so I don’t believe there is any way the damage occurred in transit. It was only after I had filled the bottle with the product that I noticed the end of the dropper appeared broken, so I checked the contents of the bottle and found quite a few tiny glass shards. I will be discarding the small bottle, the broken dropper, and the small amount of product that was mixed with the broken glass. The most likely time this damage could have occurred is when the dropper was first inserted into the bottle.UPDATE: Seller issued a full refund of my purchase price, although I indicated I didn’t expect or need a refund. It seems like a classy move, and I have upgraded my rating from 3 to 5 stars.

  3. AnnMarie

    Good quality and packaged well & God rice for the quality you’re getting. This product is necessary for cleansing toxins. Definitely recommend

  4. Mike

    This product was/is great! It was not only 130ppm as advertised, but measured to be 150ppm so by adding a little distilled water, I was able to reach my desired ppm AND ended up with more product. My hat is off to this seller!

  5. Tony

    Exactly as described and shipped quickly. Quality product. I use it daily.

  6. cesar

    this product works like a bleach but without the dangers of harsh chemicals on the human body. it has to be watered down as stated on the label. I have used it on hang nail infections and soar throat and even flem problems. I m not a doctor but it works for me and it has germ killing properties. i dont have any ear infections or pink eye problems so i can not tell you that it works on that. I you have a serious problem see a doctor quickly your health is your best friend..

  7. irhunte

    I’m impressed there are 130ppm in this colloidal silver, I’ve only been able to get 10ppm up until the time I found this

  8. RD

    Purchased this to create feminized seeds and it is no better than using water. I have got better results from using 10ppm colloidal silver. Fails the light beam test to verify it is more than just water.

  9. Tom Bender

    Been using it for some time now and has always been great.

  10. Panda

    The color of the liquid is clear which tells me this product is of high quality. The issue I have with it is that mine was only 116ppm, not the minimum 130 stated on the bottle. I am going to dilute it anyway so it isnt a deal breaker. I just can’t dilute it as much as I was going to… Best quality I could find on Amazon.

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