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2pcs Labour/Birthing Comb for Labor Contraction and Delivery, Natural Pain Relief, Doula Tool for Pain Management and Anxiety

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Material Plastic
Hair Type All
Power Source manual
Number of Items 2

  • A Birth Comb Made to do this is an excellent tool for distraction during childbirth. Using the Gate Control theory acupressure points, you may use the labor comb by squeeze it into the palm or base of your fingers to elevate the pain of contraction.
  • Hospital Bag Maternity Essentials: This doula comb is a must-have addition to your hospital bag or a labor gift for women. It provides natural pain and stress relief during delivery labour and throughout the maternity journey.
  • Designed with wide teeth, the birthing Comb is waterproof and travel-friendly. Carry it with you wherever you go, allowing for on-demand relief and relaxation during labor.
  • Each mother’s birth journey is unique, which is why the labor Comb offers adjustable pressure settings. Tailor your experience to meet your delivery needs, ensuring personalized comfort and support.
  • We believe that childbirth should be a transformative and empowering experience. The pregnancy comb empowers you by giving you a sense of control, relaxation, and enhanced well-being during delivery.
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Product Description

squeezing a comb into your palm it acts as distraction your brain so your body can adjust pain
SUSTAINABLE - ABS Material which is Strong, Waterproof and Splinter Free
MULTIPLE USES - Child Birth, Dentist, getting a Tattoo, in fact any pain or stress situation.

What is a Labor Comb Set?

The Mama Chooper labor gift come with 2 pieces wide teeth labor comb and silicone wriststrap made from sustainable, waterproof ABS and can be used during childbirth, an operation, at the dentist, whilst getting a tattoo or even a cosmetic treatment.

How Can a Birthing Comb Help With Labor Pain?

There are several pressure points you can use for relief during, lets say child labour, but perhaps the easiest way would be to hold a comb. The teeth of the comb are gently squeezed in to the palm of your hand which helps to distract from the pain.

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Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 1.5 × 0.3 in
Product Dimensions

7.5 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches; 1.76 ounces







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4 reviews for 2pcs Labour/Birthing Comb for Labor Contraction and Delivery, Natural Pain Relief, Doula Tool for Pain Management and Anxiety

  1. Ashley M Mathews

    So I used these during my birth and although pitocin is a serious pain in the butt, these birthing combs definitely helped to redirect my focus. They aren’t a miraculous need to have, but they helped me to push through some of the heavier contractions as I waited on an epidural during the last couple of hours. They were sturdy enough to survive all the serious gripping and blunt enough to not cause any damage to my hands as I squeezed with everything I had at the time.

  2. Edwin G.

    These birthing combs are perfect. I’m hoping that they help during labor

  3. GSP mom

    Hard, brittle plastic; 2 combs, but 2 short single lanyard; overpricedQuite honestly, except for the too-short lanyard (just one), I don’t see the difference between these “labor/birthing” combs and most regular wide-tooth hair combs.Pros:1. You receive a set of two combs: one pink one aqua blue. And one pink lanyard for the wrist, as it is quite small and short.Cons:1. This is not shatter-proof plastic. I think it is possible to snap off the teeth or to have them break if this falls on a hard floor.2. As stated above, the single pink lanyard is very short. If you have a large wrist or want it to hang further from your wrist, there may be a problem.3. At Cdn $14.99 (February 2024), this is very overpriced. I would save the money and use a regular, wide-toothed comb.Conclusion:I would not order these or recommend them to others. There is nothing special about them that I can see.

  4. Transparency is Key

    Comfortable to holdThese look like any regular hair comb, and can be used as such.The plastic is pretty sturdy, and the colours are vibrant. The lanyard is a useful for ease of transportation.A little research is required to learn about reflexology. There is no manual included, so you can either do what feels right, or do your research to find out which points should be pressed on the palm for specific benefits. I think it’s better to do the research though.Though the combs are not advertised as having more information, other than being combs, I think a little booklet of information would add to their value. One star removed.

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